Common Bail-Associated Terminology


For most of us, the bail bond process is pretty foreign. The basic concept and function is understood – pay money to a court to be released from jail – but all the important components of the process can be confusing. Here are common terminology you might come across if and when you need bail assistance:

• Bail – Money pledged to court so the arrested individual can be released on the agreement that he or she will come to court when asked.

• Bond – Pledged to the court by a bail agent on behalf of the arrested individual so he or she can be released from jail. Again, they must appear in court when asked or the bond will be forfeited.

• Bond revocation – Putting someone back in jail with no bail.

• Collateral – Property, vehicles, and/ or other valuables given to court to secure the bond. Collateral is returned as long as the arrested individual appears in court when asked.

• Forfeiture – If the arrested individual does not appear in court when asked, the entire bond must be paid and/ or collateral must be surrendered.

• Indemnitor – A cosigner or guarantor who will pay premiums. This person is responsible for ensuring the arrested individual appears in court when asked. If the arrested individual does not, the indemnitor is responsible for fees incurred.

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