Here Is What Your Bail/Fine Could Cost For These Infractions And Misdemeanors In The LA Area


You may not know you’re breaking the law sometimes, especially with something that seems less harmless, more fun. Well, here are a few items that you might be doing or may have done or are thinking of doing for fun (or convenience). The fun will stop when you learn these are infractions or misdemeanors and could be fined for:

  • Parking in a commercial loading zone, fire hydrant,or handicapped space: $25
  • Diving from a pier: $50
  • Being nude at the beach: $50
  • Drinking in public: $25
  • Unsecured doorway to a swimming pool area: $100 (now you know why pools always have lockable gates!
  • Having an unleashed dog in a leash-required park: $20

It’s kind of scary then, to think about some of your daily routine and wonder if anything you’re doing is breaking the law. You may have gone out with your dog without a leash so many times to places that do require leashes, but don’t necessarily enforce it. You can technically get fined, and you will have to pay. Do what you can to make sure you’re not breaking any laws!

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