If You Want Your Bail Bond To Work, You Need To Avoid These 5 Major No-Nos


  1. Getting a bail bond from a company who does not have you at their priority and best interest. Some over-charge, some work slower, some are non-responsive and some will even look for reasons to put you back in jail.
  2. Providing incorrect or false contact information on your bail bond papers. Part of securing a bail bond means you need to be honest. If you lie and the company finds out, your bail bond can be terminated.
  3. Getting arrested (again) while out on bail. Your bail bond will be terminated and you will face more consequences.
  4. Not paying off your bail in time. If you cannot pay it by yourself, get some help from loved ones.
  5. Not showing up in court when you are ordered to (or violating other terms of bail). The bail agent or a bounty hunter will go out looking for you. If you continue to resist you will be arrested and your bail bond will be terminated. You will have to stay in jail, at that point, and you may need to pay off the full bail amount.

The terms and conditions to securing a bail bond through the end of court is really not too hard. Essentially: stay out of trouble, make your payments and go to court when you have to. Being allowed to bail is a right you have, but not one you want to violate yourself because it can be taken away.

Martinez Bail Bond Store wants to help you protect your right to bail. Plus, our bail bond payment plans are the most affordable – they’re personalized around every client’s own personal and financial situation.

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