Posting Bail When You’re Broke

Posting Bail When You’re Broke


Posting bail when you have plenty of money in your bank account isn’t a big deal, especially since you know the court will reimburse once your case reaches its conclusion. The problem many people face when their arrested is that they lack the funds needed to bail themselves out. The good news is that San Jose Bail Bond Store is here to help you post bail when you’re broke.

How the System Works

The bail system is actually a pretty eloquent setup. In exchange for a predetermined amount of money, you’re released from jail. Provided you return to the court for all of your official court appearances, you will get all of the bail money back at the conclusion of your case. It’s a great system provided you’re not to broke to cover bail in the first place.

How San Jose Bail Bond Store Helps When You’re Too Broke to Pay Bail

We understand that you might not have several thousand dollars laying around. We also understand that sitting in a jail cell for months won’t do a single thing to improve your financial situation, so we’ve worked out a system. Provided you can come up with 10% of the required bail, we’ll pay the other 90% of the remaining bail amount.

We know. It sounds too good to be true. We promise there’s no catch. When the court is through with you, we collect the full bail from the court. We get to keep the 10% you paid us.

Why You Should Come to San Jose Bail Bond Store

When you’re too broke to pay bail, it is in your best interest to approach San Jose Bail Bond Store. We’re a local bail bonds business that has a reputation for treating every single client fairly and discreetly. We’re a family-owned bail bonds business that specializes in creating payment plans that work for you. During the free consultation, we’ll discuss your current and prospective financial situation and work out a contract that works for you.

In many cases, we offer:

  • Zero down bail bond
  • Zero-interest bail bond
  • 20% discounts for some applicants
  • Flexible payment plans
  • No hidden fees
  • If you’re a working signer, there is a good chance that we’ll take your 10% and not ask for you to sign over any collateral for the remaining 90% of the bail.

    From start to finish, we strive to provide you with a stress-free experience. We provide:

    • 24/7 bail bonds experience
    • Over the phone approvals
    • Free consultations
    • Easy to understand contacts
    • Fast service

    Do you want a free consultation with a professional bail agent? If so, call 408-883-3907 or click Chat With Us now.