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Can You Drive While High?

driving while high

At the start of 2018, California made it legal for marijuana to be sold from licensed dispensaries. This allowed people to consume marijuana recreationally, much in the same way that alcohol is allowed to be used. While this excited many people, some failed to realize some of the implications of the new. The biggest factor […]

What is a California Rolling Stop

rolling stop in California

  How many seconds is a complete stop? California is notorious for having drivers who like to play by their own rules. Drivers in the state seem to follow the mentality that if everyone does it, it must be okay. However, this is not the case. After all, if other drivers drove off of a […]

Stopping for School Buses

stopping for school busses

School is back in session once again and for students, that means that the fun of summer is over. For many adults, we assume nothing changes for us when the new school year starts, however that isn’t exactly the case. With the start of school comes additional traffic around campuses, and school buses make a […]

Should You Have Insurance?

you should have insurance

When you grow up, you start to realize all the things you weren’t taught about in school. For example insurance. All insurance, auto, house, and life, are all big giant mysteries. Don’t worry about feeling like you’re the only one who doesn’t understand how it works, a lot of people don’t. We don’t learn about […]

Know Your Rights

know your rights

Inmates are people too. Regardless of the crime committed or the time left to serve on their sentence, inmates are human beings that deserve to be treated as such. Across the nation, inmates are granted basic human rights that are protected by the U.S. Constitution. Whether you are facing prosecution or you have a family […]

Inmates Need Support Too

inmate need support too

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been incarcerated once or three times, jail can be a scary and nerve-wracking place. Just to give you a glimpse into the life of those incarcerated, they lose 99% of their contact with the outside world, they’re told what to do and when to do it, and they are forced […]

Rules Of The Beach

rules of the beach

Nobody wants to think about rules once summer rolls around, the season is about freedom after all. However, the rules still need to be followed. If someone decides to ignore them, they can end up facing some serious fines or even jail time. California law doesn’t care what season it is. If a law is […]

Sending Packages To Inmates

sending packages to inmates

What’s your first reaction when you see a loved one in either physical or emotional distress? It’s human nature to want to help solve the problem, alleviate their discomfort, or comfort their sorrows. Unfortunately for our loved ones behind bars these, simple acts of kindness and comfort are nearly impossible to complete. However, there are […]

How Do You Spend Your Money?

how do you spend money

Everyone is a little different when it comes to paying for things, especially big ticket items. Some people prefer to pay in cash, while others prefer to use their credit card. A few people out there like to do half in cash, and half on their card. It all depends on the person and the […]

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What more can you ask for in a bail bond company? It might sound too good to be true, but at San Jose Bail Bond Store, it is all very much true.

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