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Tips for Staying Safe This Black Friday

Thanksgiving is almost here and while many people are preparing for a big family get together, others are prepping for all of the sales and deals of Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving, stores go all out and bring the holiday shopping season into full swing with insane one-day-only deals. Unfortunately the amazing deals have a tendency to make people a little crazy.

There have been far too many stories of people getting injured, or even killed due to the craziness of the day. In the mad rush to get a good deal, people get trampled, or people get into all out brawls trying to get certain items. It is all a bit much, especially after a day of giving thanks for what you have.

If a person is planning on going deal hunting on Black Friday, they need to be careful. No one wants to end up as another Black Friday news story.

Here are some tips to stay safe and healthy this Black Friday:

  • Bring snacks and water if you are going to be shopping for long periods of time.
  • Bring hand warmers if you will be standing outside in lines.
  • Park in well-lit areas and keep keys in hand when walking to cars.
  • Leave kids at home, this is too chaotic for them.
  • Keep wallets secure by storing them in front pockets or fanny pack.
  • Never set a purse down, if you take one.
  • Keep all purchases in brown bags since thieves will be prowling parking lots looking for bags from high end stores.
  • Remember that not getting an item is not the end of the world. Nothing in any store is worth starting a fight over.


If a person follows these tips, they can help keep themselves, and others, safe this Black Friday.

Never Drive After Drinking

There are a lot of things out there that most of the general public know. This kind of information is referred to as common knowledge. An example of this would be that it is a bad idea to drive while drunk. However, despite the fact that most people know of this fact, many people ignore it. This leads to roughly 30 people dying every single day due to a drunk driver.

Often times, a person will drive drunk when they have convinced themselves that they are not as drunk as they really are, or that they won’t be going very far. They then proceed to get behind the wheel of vehicle and drive off. The problem is that in their current state they are not making the best decisions.

When someone has consumed even small amounts of alcohol, they begin to become affected. After consuming alcohol, a person faces impaired thinking, reasoning, and muscle coordination. These are all very important skills needed to drive safely. Without them, a driver is more likely to make reckless or careless decisions that can lead to accidents.

In today’s modern world, there is no reason for someone to drive drunk. There are plenty of options to help a person get home safely. A person can use public transportation, get a taxi, or hire a Lyft or Uber to come get them. There is even the age old standby of assigning a designated driver before drinking.

Driving while drunks puts so many people at risk, not just the driver. At any moment, a drunk driver could lose control of their vehicle and hit another car or a pedestrian. This could seriously injure someone, or worse. That is something that no one wants to be responsible for causing.

Plus, a person will face serious fines and jail time for hurting or killing someone else because they drove while drunk. That is why a person should never drive after consuming alcohol.


Could Flying Motorcycles Be the Future of Law Enforcement?

Here in the US, we like to make sure that our law enforcement officers have the latest and greatest tech at their disposal. This, along with their training, helps ensure that they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. However, even for us, there are some bits of technology that are too advanced to be used in the field just yet. However, that is not the same for police officers elsewhere in the world.

Police officers in Dubai are getting to test out and train on some brand new tech that would make just about anyone jealous. The Dubai police force is already known for having a fleet of super cars including a few Bugatti, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Now, the police force is training officers on flying motorcycles.

The plan is to have these officers and vehicles in service by 2020. A California company, Hoversurf, created the electrical vertical take-off vehicles and has a deal with the Dubai police force to provide them with a few of their vehicles. If the police force likes the vehicles, then they will be able to request some more.

Currently, this tech is very new, and therefore limited. The bike’s battery takes 2 and a half hours to fully charge and can stay airborne for 10-25 minutes when controlled by and carrying a pilot. When flying in drone mode, it can fly for around 40 minutes. Both the Dubai police force and Hoversurf are looking into ways to improve the vehicle, giving it more flight time.

This could be the first step in new technology. If it goes well, we could soon see these kinds of vehicles here in the states as well. Just imagine getting pulled over by a hover bike.

Speeding Is Illegal and Dangerous

Everyone has been late to something in their life. Anyone who has experienced this can attest to the fact that it is not fun. This makes a lot of people do whatever they can to avoid running late again in the future. Unfortunately, some people do this by breaking the law.

Speeding doesn’t seem like a big deal to a lot of drivers out there, especially since so many people do it on a daily basis. However, speeding is still illegal because it is dangerous. Speeding is classified as driving faster than what could be considered safe or prudent based on weather, visibility, and traffic.

The faster someone drives, the less time they have to react to an unexpected change or danger. This is what causes accidents. In fact, speeding is the third most common cause of accidents. Driving under the influence comes in second, and distracted driving is number one. This gives you a good idea of how dangerous speeding truly is.

Here in California, drivers will face tickets for speeding, which are arguably worse than just getting to their destination a few minutes late. So long as the overall speed was under 100 miles per hour (mph), the ticket prices are as follows:

  • $35 for being 1 to 15 mph over the speed limit.
  • $70 for being 16 to 25 mph over the speed limit.
  • $100 for being 26 mph or more over the limit.

For anyone caught going over 100 mph, they face a max fine of up to $500, as well as a 30 day suspension of their license for a first time offense. If caught speeding like that again, the max fine can be up to $750 with a 6 month license suspension. A third or subsequent offense earns a person a max fine of $1,000 and a 1 year license suspension.

Despite how it may seem, speeding is a very dangerous thing to do. Driving at unsafe speeds can easily cause accidents that can harm or kill people, which is why the act is illegal.


Safe Stop Sign Etiquette

In order to become a driver, a person needs to go through a lot of training and practice. There are a lot of rules of the road that need to be memorized. There are so many in fact, that it is only natural for some of them to be forgotten. One area where that is true, is with regards to stop signs.

Californian drivers are known for not fully obeying stop signs when they come across them. That is why a rolling stop is also known as a California stop. A driver needs to remember that they are required by law to come to a complete stop for three seconds when they come across a stop sign. If they don’t they could receive a traffic ticket.

Another thing that drivers are not aware of, is who has right-of-way at stop sign intersections. At four-way stops, the driver who reaches the intersection first has right-of-way. If two vehicles get to the intersection at the same time, the driver to the right has the right-of-way. In this instance, the driver to the left should yield to the driver on the right. Remember, the driver on the right has right-of-way.

At intersections where two opposite sides have stop signs, but the other ways have no stop signs or lights, the through traffic has right-of-way. Drivers at the stop signs have to wait until all through traffic is clear of the intersection before they can enter the intersection.

At T-intersections, through traffic, the cars traveling across the top of the T, always has right-of-way.

Remembering every single little rule about driving can be difficult, but it is important to do so. Failing to follow these rules can earn a driver an expensive ticket.

Following these rules also helps keep a driver safe on the road, which keeps other drivers safe as well.

A Boring Solution to a Big California Problem

The city of Los Angeles is known for a lot of different things. Unfortunately one of the more prominent things in LA is its traffic. Trying to get anywhere in Los Angeles, or the Surrounding LA and Orange Counties can be a real nightmare. At peak times, it can take hours to drive just a few miles. However, that could soon change.

Businessman and Investor Elon Musk has a plan to change that. After being stuck in terrible LA traffic one day, Musk creating a boring machine to start digging. This lead to the creation of the Boring Company. The plan is to create high-speed tunnels to carry cars from one end of the tunnel to the other. The first test tunnel in Hawthorne is expected to be finished on December 10th, 2018.

The tunnel is expected to work as follows:

  • A car will drive onto a platform at street level.
  • The platform will hold the car in place on top of it.
  • The platform will lower into the tunnel, then travel through the tunnel at speeds of 150 mph.
  • The platform will rise back to street level at the other end of the tunnel.
  • The car will be released and be able to continue on its way.

This all sounds like something out of a sci-fi world, but looks like it may be a very real thing in the near future. The Boring Company already has other deals in place to construct similar tunnels in Chicago, Illinois and Baltimore, Maryland. There is even a serious proposal to create a tunnel loop to take vehicles to and from Dodger Stadium called the Dugout Loop. If these tunnels do well, they could begin popping up all over California and the rest of the United States.

What are your thoughts on these Boring Company tunnels? Are they the solution LA needs to reduce traffic, or are they just a pipe dream?

Let us know in the comments down below.


Vandalism in California

Many people know what vandalism is. We hear about it, and see it, all of the time. Vandalism is taken very seriously in California. Getting caught vandalizing someone’s property can land a person in jail with hefty fines. While many people think they know what constitutes as vandalism, there are a few acts which fall into that category that people are unaware of.

Vandalism is the classified as the act of maliciously destroying or damaging someone else’s property. Here is a quick list of acts that qualify as vandalism in the state of California:

  • Writing or painting on something that does not belong to you. This can even include writing your name in the wet cement of a city sidewalk.
  • Damaging a piece of property such as a window on a house or car. This can include breaking something of your significant other’s while fighting.
  • Destroying something beyond the point of repair.

If a person does one of these 3 things, he or she has committed an act of vandalism. If caught by law enforcement, this person can face a fine and possible jail time. The severity of the punishment often depends on how much damage was caused by the act. If the damage amounts to less than $400, than the crime is considered a misdemeanor. The accused person could face, at max, 1 year in jail and a fine of no more than $1,000.

If the damage total is greater than $400, the accused could face anywhere from 1 to 3 years in prison. On top of that, they could face a fine of $10,000, or more. The size of the fine will vary based on how bad the damage is.

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All of this is on top of the fact that we provide each of our clients with their own, unique payment plan. This breaks up the upfront cost of the bail bond and spreads it out over several months, making it much more manageable. If you want to get a cheap and affordable bail bond in the state of California, then you need to talk to a bail agent from San Jose Bail Bond Store.

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Do You Know If Your Money Is Real?

Money is a pretty big part of everyone’s lives. Most people spend their weekdays working hard to earn just enough money to make it through another week. Meanwhile, a very small group of people out there try to cheat the system and print their own money. This is called counterfeiting and even though the bills may look the same to government printed bills, they counterfeit ones have no monetary value. If a person wants to avoid getting stuck with a counterfeit bill, then they need to know how to check its authenticity.

There are several security measures in place to help people identify real bills from counterfeit ones.

  • Color Shifting Ink: On all bills divisible by 5, the bottom right number should be printing in color shifting ink. This means that when viewed from angle, the number should appear in one color, and if you change angles, the color of the number should change.
  • Fine/ Small Print: Real bills have a lot of small, fine print on them that is hard for counterfeiters to reproduce. If a bill has small text, it should printed clearly. If the text is fuzzy, then the bill is likely fake.
  • Raised Printing: One of the easier features to detect is the raised printing. The shirts on all of the people on the bills feature raised printing. If you run your finger nail over it, you should be able to feel the bumps of the “threads” of the shirt.
  • Red and Blue Threads: Despite being called paper money, bills are actually made out of fabric. Despite their initial appearance, they are not solid green. There are thin red and blue threads woven through the bill. Counterfeiters try to reproduce this by simply printing the lines one, so if the lines look like they were just printed on, not woven in, then the bill is a probably a fake.
  • Security Thread: Every bill has a security thread in it that can be seen when held up to a light. The location of the strip varies depending on the amount of the bill. When held up to a black light, the strip will glow a certain color depending on the amount of the bill:
    • $5 glows blue
    • $10 glows orange
    • $20 glows green
    • $50 glows yellow
    • $100 glows pink
  • Watermark: Lastly, there is a watermark that can be seen when the bill is held up to a light. The watermark should be on the right side and be a replica of the face on the bill. If the watermark is visible without the bill being held to a light, then it is likely a counterfeit.

Counterfeiters can reproduce some of these security features, but it is very rare for them to be able to reproduce all of them. By knowing all of these different ways to check for fake money, a person is far less likely to get scammed out of their hard earned cash.

Be Safe This Halloween

There are certain holidays that just call for parties, and Halloween is one of those days. While kids are out trick-or-treating in search of candy, adults are out partying with friends. While there will still likely be some candy at these parties, most adults have upgraded to something different. Many adults will be consuming alcohol while having a good time.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, provided it is done responsibly, which is what most people do. However, there are still far too many people out there who will be consuming alcohol this year, and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Due to this fact, don’t be surprised to see a rise in DUI checkpoints on Halloween.

Law enforcement officers will be doing everything in their power to keep everyone safe that night, which means trying to prevent as many drunk drivers as possible. When a person drives drunk, their cognitive functions are drastically decreased, making them much more likely to get into a car accident. This is bad enough on any night of the year, but even worse on Halloween when kids are out roaming the streets

If you plan on going to a party and having a few drinks this Halloween, be sure to do so responsibly. Assign someone as the designated driver (DD), or get a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

This way, you do not have to drive and risk your life, and the life of everyone else out on the road.