Tips And Tricks For Lowering Your Bail

San Jose Bail Bond Store

Bail can cost hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, even a million dollars, depending on the crime. A million is unbelieveable but even hundreds – that’s still quite a bit of money that no one ever wants to have to pay. It teters on a seesaw – bail is a consequence to pay, but you get your freedom back. Is it worth paying? Absolutely yes. You want tips and tricks on how you can get your bail lowered? Well unfortunately, there really are none.

The judge is very unlikely to change the bail amount after he or she has already set it at. A lawyer cannot lower the bail, a bail bond agent cannot lower the bail. You may request to have it reviewed, but in all likelihood, the bail will remain the same.

You will have to pay 100% of the full bail amount to the court to secure your freedom. And, 100% of this is refundable as long as you show up for your court appointments and do not get into any more trouble.

A second option to bailing out of jail, that may or may not be cheaper, depending on your own financial situation, is applying for a bail bond with San Jose Bail Bond Store. You will be paying your bail agent 10-15% of the full bail amount over a set payment plan. While you won’t have to pay the remaining 85-90% of the bail (as long as you go to your court appointments and do not violate any other release terms and conditions), that 10-15% you did pay is not refundable.

Bail bonds are the more common method to bailing out of jail because for most people, the payment plan for 10-15% is much more ideal than paying 100% immediately.

If you want to discuss bail bond options for yourself or someone you know, San Jose Bail Bond Store is welcome to chat. Consultations are free and the representatives and agents are very friendly, understanding, and knowledgeable. Bail bond payment plans are flexible so there will definitely be a way to help you out. Call 408-292-1101 to learn more.