Undocumented Immigrants Have Rights Too


If you or someone you know is an undocumented immigrant, the worst fear is getting caught and deported. However, it doesn’t work like that (so easily). Undocumented immigrants do have certain rights and we at Martinez Bail Bond Store want to help protect them.

  • You can only be detained for up to 48 hours on Immigration and Customs Enforcement. If they do not take you into custody within those 48 hours, you will be released.
  • If you are taken into custody, you are allowed a phone call to a friend or family. This is your opportunity to let them know of the situation so they can explore ways to help you.
  • If deportation wishes to move forward with proceedings, you can fight the charges (usually unlawful entry) even if they are true. You may be eligible for relief from removal.
  • You may be eligible for an immigration bond, meaning you can pay a certain amount of money to leave jail and return to your U.S. place of residence for the duration of your proceedings.
    • Immigration bond eligibility will depend on your flight risk and how dangerous you might be to the community.
    • If the bond amount is too high, you may petition the Immigration Judge to lower it.
    • If you are initially denied an immigration bond (from the deportation officer), you may petition the Immigration Judge to reconsider.

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