What To Remember If You Are Getting Pulled Over

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You’re driving along and suddenly hear sirens. You look around your mirrors and realize the cop is behind you. You are getting pulled over and now you are starting to panic. What did you do wrong? Why is the cop after me? Here are some things to remember if you are getting pulled over:

  • Pull over in a safe area. You must be out of the way of flowing traffic, but also make sure to pull over in a well-lit area.
  • Get their name and badge number. If they don’t already introduce themselves or show you their badge, you can ask to see it.
  • Be respectful. Speak with officers respectfully and do not give them any reason to suspect anything of you. Do not anger them.
  • Stay calm. Stay as calm as possible. Again, do not give them any reason to suspect anything.

Wait until you are prompted to do something. You can roll down your window before or as the officer approaches, but keep both hands in sight as he or she comes towards your window. Rest them on the steering wheel. Do not reach for registration or licenses until he or she asks. Doing so can be suspicious to the officer who can see you moving around in the vehicle but not necessarily know what you’re doing. This may provoke the officer to approach with higher caution.

If you get a ticket, you will need to pay the fine. However you can try and contest it in court to get the fine lowered or even cleared. If you are arrested, do not resist arrest and do not answer any more questions until you have a lawyer. And if you are arrested, your best option is to contact Roseville Bail Bond Store so you don’t have to sit in jail as long as you might need to otherwise (hours, days). Getting pulled over can be scary, but by acting wisely you can come away relieved.

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