Why You Need To Know About This Powerful New Gun Law in San Jose

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This year, San Jose enacted numerous new gun laws including one that we consider to be rather powerful, but only powerful with the honesty of the public. Given recent events and mass shootings: Orlando in June 2016, UCLA in May 2016, San Bernardino in December 2015. We are growing confident in the success of this law.

Friends and family members of someone who owns a gun may report them to the police if they believe that person is planning to carry out an attack on somebody. Once the police are alerted, they will seize this person’s guns, without a warrant, for 21 days. During these 3 weeks, they will interrogate and investigate.

This law has the potential to save many lives and we hope it does. Even if friends and family are wrong and the suspect really is not planning harm, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially if lives are at stake.

If you need to report a loved one, please call 911. If your loved one has already been arrested and is offered bail, please call San Jose Bail Bond Store at 408-292-1101 or chat with a representative online. We will offer our bail bond services to you with a low monthly payment plan that works for you.