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TV Does Not Show You Bail Bonds Right

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It is no surprise that bail and bail bonds are not accurately presented on television. What you see on TV is an extremely condensed version of what happens in real life, and in fact, you most likely will not even see the bail bond aspect on television at all, so maybe you do not even […]

Figuring Out This Thing Called Life

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Learning how to admit to a mistake and to ask for help is a lesson that is never finished. They come at different levels. In middle school, you ask for help in essay writing. In high school you ask for help in varsity sports. When you reach 18, you are an adult and are supposed […]

People Hide Criminal History Very Well

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Do you ever wonder if anyone you know has a criminal record? Maybe a coworker, or the cashier at the grocery store you always chat with, or even a close friend who you met through a mutual friend. Do you ever wonder what their past was like? It is very possible you know someone who […]

Having a Legal Issue and Figuring Out If You Can Vote

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With it being an election year, and a big Presidential Election at that, many of you with loved ones who have a criminal history, or are currently serving time, are probably wondering if they are eligible to vote in November. You may be wondering about your own eligibility, because of your own criminal past. Here […]

Can You Vote? All These Say Yes!

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The Presidential Election is only a few months away, and for eligible voters, it is quite an exciting time. From first-time voters, to those seeking to elect a candidate who can make a positive difference, it is sure to be quite the election. Here are some voting rights you may or may not know about: […]

Everything and More at San Jose Bail Bond Store

What more can you ask for in a bail bond company? It might sound too good to be true, but at San Jose Bail Bond Store, it is all very much true.

Free consultations Customized payment plans Accepts cash, check, credit, debit Secure and convenient online payment portal 24/7 state-wide availability Zero interest No hidden fees Discounts available for qualifying individuals Can be taken care of over the phone Confidential and professional care Friendly, approachable, and reliable bail agents Almost 30 years in the bail bond industry […]

How to Pay Less for Your Old, Unpaid Traffic Tickets

If you are eligible, you will find that you now only have to pay a smaller amount on the ticket, not the original full amount.

Stop letting your unpaid traffic and non-traffic infraction tickets pile up. If you do a little research, you might find that you qualify for California’s one-time amnesty program that will run until March 2017. Here are quick points to find out if you are eligible: Your unpaid tickets must have a January 1, 2013 due […]

Talk About Excessive Bail!

If you have a loved one in jail, and find that his or her bail is too excessive for you to pay alone, you are not out of luck.

The 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the people from excessive bail. The word excessive is subjective, but we are pretty sure that the majority of the people would agree that the most expensive bails in U.S. history are excessive. Michael Milken- $250 million; racketeering and fraud on Wall Street in 1989. Kening […]

Know the New Smoking Age Limit in California

The purpose of this age limit increase, as you might guess, is to curb smoking among teens. Teens might not be happy but the law is the law.

If you are 18, 19, or 20 years old and wondering why you are suddenly being denied cigarette purchases at your local convenience store, it is because the state of California has risen the legal smoking age to 21. You may be very bummed or upset about this, but it is the law and you […]

California Voting Rights for Felons

As you know, this is a Presidential Election year and recently, you have had a run-in with the law. Voting is a right.

As you know, this is a Presidential Election year and recently, you have had a run-in with the law. Voting is a right. Is it still your right if you are in jail, on probation, or on parole? Find out here. Question: My partner is currently serving time in prison, and will still be there […]