Figuring Out This Thing Called Life

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Learning how to admit to a mistake and to ask for help is a lesson that is never finished. They come at different levels. In middle school, you ask for help in essay writing. In high school you ask for help in varsity sports. When you reach 18, you are an adult and are supposed to know how to be one. However, not all adults act on their best behavior 100% of the time. Some take a misguided turn, do something illegal, and get arrested. Since this person is a legal adult, their parents are not automatically notified of the incident. That is left up to the arrested individual.

This is when that life lesson of asking for help, comes at you again. Just when you think you know it all, you have to remember how to ask for help. Given the extent of the situation, asking for help now is probably harder than it was when you were younger. You face embarrassment and shame because your reputation is on the line. Your pride may take a hit or two, but you gain support from your family, which means a faster release from jail, and a smoother, stronger trial period.

No matter how old you are, never be afraid to call up Mom, Dad, or other family members and friends. Keep your inner-circle up to date on your situation, and you will see that they will be quick to respond and act for you. Keep your loved one close and make sure they have the right people backing them up.

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