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Celebrate 4th of July Freedom by Posting Bail

California gun laws

  The 4th of July is all about celebrating America’s independence from Great Britain all those years ago. It is a holiday all about freedom, so you wouldn’t want a loved one to spend it locked behind bars. Being locked up in jail is no fun, and is the exact opposite of freedom. Luckily, you can […]

Don’t Take the Scare Too Far

don't take the scare too far

Halloween is just around the corner, and it is the time of year where many people love to get scared. A good scare between friends can be terrifying, and yet thrilling and exciting. While scaring people is fun, there are many people out there that only enjoy it when they are somewhat expecting. You never […]

Watch Out for Battery Thieves

watch out for battery thieves

A working car is pretty important requirement for most working adults. Without a car, you can’t get to work, run errands, or go visit friends and family members. A person needs to take care of their vehicle if they want to continue to enjoy their freedom. However, there are somethings that are pretty difficult to […]

The Dangers of Online Gaming

dangers of online gaming

Internet safety is always a big concern, especially for parents. You never know who your kids might be meeting online unless you pay close attention. Most parents know to warn their kids about talking to strangers that they met online on sites like Facebook. However, there is one avenue of online communication that often gets […]

Bouncing Back From An Arrest

“Bouncing back” (as they call it) from an arrest can either be easy or hard and that’s largely up to you. You need to: Prove to your family that their love and close support is your priority, and that you will not let them down. Show friends you are not the person to go to […]

What Is A False Arrest And False Imprisonment?

A false arrest is when Person A acts beyond their authority and wrongfully takes Person B into custody. This restricts Person B’s freedoms against his or her consent. A false imprisonment is similar to kidnapping, but without the more serious intentions like harm and ransom. A false arrest is a crime and the victim is […]

What You Can Do To Bring A Loved One Home From Jail

If you know a friend or family member in jail who needs help bailing out, you need to act quickly to help them out. The faster you connect with a bail bond company on your friend or family member’s behalf, the sooner the paperwork will be processed (it can take a few hours), and the […]

Are There Any “Pros” To Bail Bond Store?

Bail bonds automatically generate a negative connotation in someone’s mind – “a lot of money that needs to be paid to get someone, who committed a crime, out of jail.” Basically, someone committed a crime but will go free until their trial as long as they pay x amount of money. But there are some […]

You’ll Never Guess What Led To This Man’s Conviction

Earlier this Summer, a young man was convicted of a crime (involving firearms), but you’ll never guess what led the officers and prosecution to this. The man had photos on his Instagram account that dated back to 2013 that showed him with the guns in question. The police were able to use this as probable […]

Prison And Jail Are Not The Same Thing, Exactly

You probably think that prison and jail are interchangeable terms that both apply to the same place: where convicts must stay behind bars for a crime they committed. While you are somewhat correct in this, the two terms actually apply to separate institutions that are built for different people in different points of situations. Think […]